UltraDex Daily Oral Rinse mouthwash review

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Mouthwash is a very important part of your daily oral hygiene routine and one that can really help keep your mouth in great shape. Choosing the right mouthwash will help keep both your teeth and gums clean, healthy and in top condition for years to come.

One of the best mouthwashes out there right now is the UltraDex Daily Oral Rinse brand. Clinically proven technology has seen it recommended by dental professionals for many years, which shows its effectiveness. Anti-bacterial in nature, rinsing twice a day with this product will help kill off any harmful bacteria around the gums and teeth. The gentle whitening action acts to lift everyday stains and restore your teeth’s natural whiteness.

Another great feature of this mouthwash is the way it freshens your breath. Regular use will see the innovative iQ+ Active Oxi Technology eliminate bad breath for 12 hours. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like strongly flavoured washes either as it comes unflavoured to begin with. A mint sachet is included, however, so you can always add that to the bottle if required.

Suitable for vegans and kosher registered, this is a product that is able to be used by everyone and gives great results. Free from alcohol, chlorhexidine and colouring, it will not give that stinging sensation many other brands can when in your mouth. Other brands of mouthwash such as the CB12 Mild Menthol (https://www.bestelectrictoothbrush.org.uk/cb12-mild-menthol-mouthwash-is-a-godsend/) are also good choices if you prefer a milder kind of mouthwash. At £8.00 for a 500ml bottle, this mouthwash is not too expensive and will last for a long time even when using twice daily.

Compared to other mouthwash brands on the market such as these (https://www.bestelectrictoothbrush.org.uk/best-mouthwash/), this is a great product from UltraDex. Not only does it hit the mark in what you need a mouthwash to do in terms of oral care, but the fresh breath it gives is fabulous. After using this, you will feel full of confidence to go about your day. The innovative technology contained and large bottle size all make this a product that is highly recommended.

Photo: Mouthwash by Editor B licensed under Creative commons 2