The SmartMouth Alcohol-Free mouthwash

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Adults and children alike can benefit from using a mouthwash. Gum disease is less likely to appear and cavities that require filling become a thing of the past when people include a mouthwash in their daily oral hygiene routine. Not all mouthwashes, however, are suitable for all users. Some contain alcohol, which makes them unsuitable for children. The Smart Mouth Alcohol-Free mouthwash is entirely free from alcohol and it is an excellent choice for adults and children over six who want to make the most of the oral hygiene opportunities that mouthwashes provide.

As well as being safe for children and suitable for those who cannot partake of alcohol, SmartMouth mouthwash also offers a balanced formula that is suitable for diabetics. SmartMouth mouthwash has a great fresh mint flavour that gives a fresh-breath experience time and time again and makes SmartMouth a great choice for first-time mouthwash users.

Available in a handy two pump bottle system, SmartMouth mouthwash uses patented and innovative zinc-ion technologies to clean the mouth without any risk of staining on teeth, dentures or crowns. Even after many uses, teeth remain stain free and healthy. SmartMouth’s lack of alcohol makes for a more pleasant mouthwash experience than some harsher mouthwashes.

SmartMouth mouthwash is a child-friendly mouthwash with a gentle, fresh flavour that will encourage both reluctant adults and children alike to add a regular mouthwash routine to their existing teeth-brushing regime. Once this regular routine has been established, the benefits, including fresher breath, reduced gum disease and cleaner teeth, will be obvious and encourage continued use.

Mouthwash is a great way to improve oral hygiene in both children and adults, but there are some health and safety considerations that you should take note of. Children under 6 years of age are not recommended to use mouthwash and all children should be supervised while they are using mouthwash to ensure that they do the job properly and don’t swallow any. Always store mouthwash out of the reach of children.