The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush – a review


It’s no surprise that with technology growing, smart technology has finally started to infiltrate the world of tooth care. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean isn’t smart in the same way your TV is, but it does include a number of useful tech features you won’t find in many other toothbrushes.

So, what are the pros of this toothbrush?

First things first, it looks great. Some electric toothbrushes look a bit goofy, but appearance isn’t a problem with the DiamondClean, which is sleek, black and wouldn’t look out of place on even the swankiest kitchen shelf. It feels like a premium product. This isn’t a cheap product with a fancy look – the DiamondClean feels expensive. It’s solid, relatively heavy and comes complete with a posh hard case.

It’s got a battery indicator. This is one of those features that it’s easy to under-estimate until you take your toothbrush on holiday and it runs out halfway through! It’s good to know when you’ll need to give it a re-charge.

It’ll time you. Struggle to know how long you should clean for? The DiamondClean actually helps. It runs automatically for two minutes (the recommended time) and slows down every thirty seconds to let you know when to change which bit of your teeth to clean.

It has other features. There are settings to suit polishing, whitening and even gum care, and there’s also a sensitive mode, which is perfect for those that don’t want brushing their teeth to become a chore. In terms of usefulness, the DiamondClean is about the best out there.

It charges via USB. No need to explain this, but it’s an invaluable feature if you’re on the move. Simply charge from your laptop.

What are the cons?

There’s pretty much one main problem with the DiamondCare: the price. If it’s an issue for you, it’s going to be hard to look past: this is a toothbrush that costs £150.

Summing up

The DiamondCare is a brilliant electric toothbrush, and probably the best on the market, if you can bring yourself to splash the cash.