Phillips Richiesto Sonicare Air Flosser

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An ever popular element of many people’s dental hygiene routine is flossing. This works beautifully with your usual brushing and mouthwash routine to keep your teeth healthy. It will remove any bacteria or food debris left after brushing to keep your whole oral cavity in the best shape.

While many use traditional dental floss to do this, using a machine to perform this task such as a water flosser or air flosser is a superb option. Not only are they less messy to use, but they are also easier and help to remove more debris from your mouth than normal manual flossing. Either a water flosser or air flosser will do the same job of helping keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

One of the best air flossers you can buy right now is the Richiesto Sonicare Air Flosser by Phillips.

Top quality dental care at a great price

This air flosser compares favourably with other similar products on the market in terms of price, costing around £100. Although this may seem a lot, for the amount of use it will give and the money it will save you on dental treatment, it is a great deal.

The design of the Richiesto is very sleek and contemporary to make it something you will love to have on your bathroom shelf. A simpler way to get that fresh clean feeling flossing gives, it will complete a full cycle in just 30 seconds! Its gentle action will effectively fight any nasty surprises in your mouth but in a way that is very light on your teeth and gums.

Microburst technology

This air flosser from Phillips contains innovative microburst technology which allows for the air to cover all of your oral cavity effectively when used. The slim nozzle is at the perfect angle to also help reach all those awkward spots in your mouth that you otherwise couldn’t. Easy to use, the simple one-button design means it can be operated easily with no complicated instructions to learn.

Easy re-fill and charge options

The ample reservoir this flosser includes is easy to fill up and will provide many flossing sessions before it needs re-filling. Although you do need to charge for a full 24 hours for a full charge – if you are organised this isn’t a problem. The handy recharge indicator light will give you the heads up if you forget anyway! Armed with a fabulous two-year guarantee, this is one flosser that you can rely on.