Oral-B OxyJet Review

In order to have the best possible oral health possible it is vital to brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning at night to keep your mouth healthy and clean. However too really step up your game the next thing to do is making sure you are flossing once a day, the reason being is that a majority of plaque build-up happens along the gum line and in-between teeth where it is difficult to reach by a toothbrush. If you often find yourself struggling for time in the morning with a busy schedule and cannot find the time to floss then this product is for you. Water flossing allows you to reach the areas your toothbrush cant in an extremely short amount of time, optimising the cleanliness of your teeth whilst taking up a minimal amount of time.

What The Product Includes

Within the box, you will receive the Oral-B OxyJet Water Flosser but you also another four water flosser tips, so that you won’t need to buy any extra for a few months. Finally, you get a mounting plate which is for wall use do that it doesn’t take up a lot of worktop space and screws to put the wall mount up.


How It Works

Firstly you must fill the tank up with either water or mouthwash, whatever is your personal preference. You then place the flosser to your mouth and make sure it is at a safe distance. It is also important to make sure that you hold the water flosser in line with your teeth (90 Degrees) and slowly move along your gums allowing time between each tooth for the water flosser to get in between your teeth. Once you’ve done this across all of your teeth, turn off by the switch.



There are many different prices for this product depending on where you go to purchase the product however the average price for this product is around £70. The price of this product is slightly higher than expected especially seeing as the best water flosser you can buy on the market is retailed at no more than £60. But it is also important to be aware of outside costs such as buying nozzles to replace the ones that come in the box. On Amazon, you can find these nozzles for £10.50 per 4 packs, however, although they are expensive they are expected to last you at least 3 months making it an extremely worthwhile investment.


Pros & Cons

There are many pros that really make this product worthwhile as it allows you to maintain or gain a great standard of dental hygiene without half the time or effort as normal day to day flossing. Another feature that makes this product worth the purchase is the fact you can change the pressure settings to customise your experience to give you the best possible results overall.

However, there are also a few negatives to this product such as the size of the product as this would not be suitable for those with smaller bathroom spaces. However they counter this by offering a wall mount so if you lack room then it’s not an issue, furthermore, it isn’t the quietest product, when it’s in use it creates a large amount of sound that could wake up your family members or housemates and is something to strongly consider. Finally, it’s probably not best for you to use this product for the first time in your best suit before work simply because it can be extremely messy, although once you get used to the product this becomes less of an issue as your experience grows.

Product Conclusion

Although this is one of the more expensive of the products on the market, it is fair to say that the product is fit for purpose. This product has lots of potential and customisation options for the user and allows you to quickly and easily fit flossing into your everyday routine, which is always an added bonus.