Oral-B Genius 8000 – Is it worth it?

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If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that is jam-packed with excellent features to help you achieve incredible results from day one, look no further than Oral-B’s Genius 8000 CrossAction electric toothbrush.

Whilst still being at a fairly sensible price, the Genius 8000 features a choice of 5 brushing modes and handy position detection technology to help keep your entire mouth feeling clean. On top of the choice of modes and technology to help you look after your mouth, a single charge of the Lithium-Ion battery can provide more than two weeks of charge; meaning you can take it away on holiday and not need to worry if you forget your charger.


The round brush head can help to remove considerably more plaque and staining compared to standard, manual toothbrushes. Oral-B have even manufactured the Genius to feature a unique polishing cup design that holds the toothpaste to deliver it to where it is precisely needed to help remove any surface staining. We found that from day one, this round head was helping our mouths to feel much cleaner fresher and it wasn’t even long until we started noticing an improvement in the whiteness of our teeth.

The intuitive system behind the Genius 8000 makes this the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to brush like their dentist recommends or those who sometimes feel like they might be brushing too hard and hurting their gums. The Genius solves both of these problems thanks to the pressure control technology that can reduce the brushing speed and alert you if you are brushing too hard. Gums are incredibly delicate; this really is a feature that can make all the difference to how your mouth feels after brushing.

Oral-B recognises too that everyone’s mouth is different. The Genius 8000 fits a selection of Oral-B refills that all come with specialised features to produce truly amazing results. You can choose from features including rounded ends to provide a more gentle clean on the gums, angled bristles to help clean in between teeth and UltraThin bristles for an extra-gentle clean.

Reasonable price, brilliant results

The Genius 8000 isn’t the cheapest electric toothbrush on the market; it is more expensive than the Oral-B Pro 2500 which we reviewed previously, for example. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t reasonably priced for the incredible results that you can achieve. Oral-B’s Genius 8000 can leave you with noticeably whiter teeth in less than 7 days, and your mouth will feel a million times cleaner after the first use.