Mornwell Electric Toothbrush, Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with 4 Brushing Modes 4 Replacement Heads Dock Charger

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So can an electric toothbrush costing less than £30 really be as effective as a toothbrush costing nearly £300? Well, we put the Mornwell Electric Toothbrush to the test and here’s what we decided…

What a brilliant brush! Many of us use much more expensive electric toothbrushes but this one is genuinely just as good as others almost £100 dearer, like this Panasonic Toothbrush. The Mornwell Electric Toothbrush stays charged for simply ages, which is always a bonus.

It says in the blurb on the box that it delivers 40,000 brush strokes per minute. Now we haven’t been counting but it’s true that when you’ve finished cleaning your teeth, your mouth does feel like you’ve just left the dentist. You know that lovely fresh, super-clean feeling you get after a visit to the dental hygienist – well that’s what it feels like. The Mornwell claims to remove up to 10 times more dental plaque than manual brushing, which will improve your oral and gum health significantly. We also love the fact that the brush has a 30-second timer to remind you to brush every quadrant of your mouth so no missed areas. And the two-colour battery level indicator is really useful for letting you know when you need to recharge.

Comes with

• 1 Rechargeable, completely Waterproof Toothbrush Handle
• 1 Charging Base
• 4 Sonic Electric Toothbrush heads, 2 with rubber heads to clean your tongue.
• Caps for toothbrush heads

4 Brushing Modes

We love the selection of brushing modes on this electric toothbrush. They are Clean (daily clean), Soft (sensitive teeth), Whiten (tooth whitening) and Massage (gum care). The Soft Mode is particularly good if you’re not used to using an electric toothbrush. The ‘Whiten’ setting, not only removes surface stains from the teeth but it also whitens them.

Guaranteed satisfaction

The Mornwell Sonic Electric Toothbrush has 18 months warranty and they say that if you’re not completely satisfied with your new toothbrush, then they’ll give you a full refund.

We think this could be in the running for Best Electric Toothbrush.