Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System – Review

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Brushing your teeth is essential for your oral hygiene, but it doesn’t always ensure that your teeth are pearly white by the end of it. Sometimes, it can be impossible to resist a chicken curry or glass of wine, making teeth whitening kits much more essential. Well, the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System can ensure that your smile is a bright as ever. This teeth whitening product makes the process of brightening your teeth a breeze, as there are only 3 simple steps to follow. If that isn’t enough though, the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System also uses the exact same light-activated technology that’s used to whiten teeth in professional dentists, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth at just £49.99!


The magic behind this teeth whitening product is simple, and there are 3 easy steps involved with the process:

  1. Pre-treat with whitening solution to prepare your teeth for the product. With this step in place first, you can enhance the overall effect that the product will have on your teeth.
  2. Brush each tooth with the whitener gel – you can actually incorporate this into your daily brushing routine, reducing the amount of time you need to spend whitening your teeth!
  3. Apply the activating dual action whitening light for a total of 2 minutes, which will bring out the effects of the whitener gel.


While the directions for this teeth whitener are easy to follow, using oral hygiene products can be dangerous if there are unsuitable ingredients within the product. You can rest assured with the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System, you will only be interacting with ingredients that are beneficial to your oral hygiene. The only ingredients within the whitening solution are Aqua and Sodium Chlorite, keeping your teeth white in a safe way.

About Luster

After discovering that the oral hygiene market lacked innovation, Luster solely aim to produce products that not only provide quick and easy oral solutions to consumers, but to also ensure that their teeth whitening products caused zero tooth sensitivity, as well as keeping enamel safe. Therefore, when using the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System, you can be guaranteed that the process of whitening your teeth isn’t damaging your teeth or gums.

If you’re looking for something a little higher end, why not try the Portable Dental LED Cool Light Teeth Bleaching Whitening Accelerator System by Denshine? As well as whitening your teeth, this luxury at-home product actually releases endorphins, making your smile that bit more meaningful.