Kitty Hydro oral irrigator review

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Oral irrigators (or water flossers as they are more commonly known) are becoming a very popular part of people’s everyday dental routine. While the usual oral hygiene routine of brushing and using mouthwash is absolutely key, many find using a water flosser better than traditional flossing. Once the preserve of dentists, many have now purchased a water flosser to experience its many benefits at home.

The Kitty Hydro Oral Irrigator is a product that can do just that for you and one that will help keep your mouth in great shape.

Variable speed for superb results

A water flosser works by squirting a jet of water into your mouth to remove any bacteria and food debris from between your teeth and gums. The Kitty Hydro water flosser works in this way too and gives excellent results. Your mouth will feel a lot cleaner after using it, compared to traditional flossing or not flossing at all. Obviously, the removal of all the debris and bacteria will help keep your oral cavity healthier in the long-run too.

The Kitty Hydro has variable speeds built into its design so you can select the one that is just right for you. This gives you superb control over the level of comfort when using it and also how fast you want the water to come out. There are also different sized heads included in the pack which is very handy too for the same reasons. The smaller heads shoot out a more concentrated jet of water for maximum cleaning and they then get a little softer as the heads get bigger.

Impressive water tank capacity

This oral irrigator has a large 800ml water tank which means you will be able to complete a full session without having to stop half-way to refill. The convenience this offers is fantastic and is a feature that really recommends it as a product to use. Fitting into a standard shaver plug socket in your bathroom, this is one of the best water flossers out there to set-up and use.

Your mouth will love the Kitty Hydro

If you are thinking of buying a water flosser then this is a great choice compared to others on the market. Not only will it do the job in terms of keeping your mouth healthy but it is also great value and simple to use. Stylish to look at also, it will be a welcome addition to any bathroom.