Kissliss 220ml water flosser review

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Water flossers are becoming an increasingly popular part of people’s everyday oral hygiene routine. If you are looking for a great value, stylish and effective water flosser, then this option from Kissliss could be the one for you. Not only does it look great but it is also easy to use so you will be able to get that amazing fully clean feel that water flossing gives.

Great results in a flash

Compared to traditional flossing, water flossing is superior in every regard. Not only is it less hassle than using dental floss but it is also more effective in removing food debris and plaque due to the water pressure involved. The Kissliss water flosser has a 220ml capacity which gives it plenty of water when full for a one-minute flossing session. There is no need to refill halfway through as the 220ml tank has enough water to get your flossing done in one go.

When it is time to fill up again for the next day’s flossing session then it is as simple as opening the reservoir fill door on the flosser itself and pouring the water directly in. This water flosser and stand are also fully washable due to their waterproof design which makes them easy to keep in top condition.

3 modes so you can floss how you like

The Kissliss water flosser has 3 different modes of operation depending on how you like it. There is Soft, Normal and Pulse which means you can select the mode you like best each time you use it. Each mode is powerful enough to fully remove bacteria, debris and plaque from your oral cavity for an amazing clean.

The inductive charging Kissliss have included makes this a breeze to keep ready for use. The 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery gives a superb 2 hours use after a full charge for extra convenience. When the battery is running low, this water flosser contains a feature that will let you know automatically. Along with this, Kissliss have given a 12-month warranty for full peace of mind when purchasing.

An outstanding product for oral hygiene

Your oral hygiene is the first step in keeping healthy overall and using a water flosser can really help with this. Kissliss have produced a really fantastic product here in that respect that compares with others on the market such as the Waterpik. It is not only great value for money but will also keep your teeth and gums in great shape.