Jasons Natural Organic Mouthwash – is it a great mouthwash?


Using mouthwash as part of a daily oral hygiene routine is highly recommended. Whilst brushing will naturally clean your teeth well, mouthwash will work with it to give you a deeper clean. Able to get into places brushing can’t, using a quality mouthwash regularly is a wise move.

Jasons natural organic mouthwash

One of the most effective mouthwashes on the market is Jasons Natural Organic Mouthwash. It contains many active ingredients such as tea tree oil, cinnamon and aloe vera which combine to give great protection to teeth and gums. The benefits of using aloe vera in mouthwash have also been found in other brands such as Dr Organic.

The first thing you will notice when using it is the lack of a burning sensation and how amazing it feels in your mouth. The presence of aloe vera along with a lack of alcohol means that it has a gentle cleaning action to soothe your mouth. As with any good mouthwash, this one will give you long-lasting fresh breath and a healthy smile. The cinnamon is the key to this as it freshens up the inside of your mouth all day for fabulous results.

Make sure tartar is not a problem

One of the key natural products within this mouthwash is tea tree oil. One of the planet’s antiseptic and anti-microbial wonders, it will help defend against sugar acid within your mouth to prevent any oral hygiene issues. By helping to protect and kill-off any nasty bacteria, it will make sure your teeth stay in great shape the natural, organic way.


Coming in at around £7.00 for a 473ml bottle, this is not the cheapest mouthwash on the market but it does give great results. In addition, it has the advantage of being organic and fully natural which is obviously fantastic if that is important to you when choosing mouthwash. Compared to other mouthwashes you can buy, it is a superb product to use. It will give you fresh breath and the confidence that comes along with helping to keep your teeth and gums in great shape.