Is Gengigel mouthrinse as good as the reviews suggest?

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Those of you who have needed a speciality mouthwash in the past will probably have come across Gengigel. Recently we reviewed the natural organic mouthwash by Jasons which boasts ingredients such as tea tree oil and cinnamon as well as aloe vera, all of which give it a soothing and gentle feel. Whilst the natural aspects of Jasons are great for day-to-day use, sometimes something a little more specialist yet even gentler is required. That’s where Gengigel comes in.

Unlike some of the most popular mouthwashes available, Genigel mouthrinse has been specially designed with inflammation and soreness of the mouth and throat in mind. Conditions that are suitable for use with Gengigel include everything from minor bleeding and general soreness to ulcers.

The reason Gengigel is so popular with people suffering from soreness is that its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. The acid is a natural substance which can be found in your gums as well as your oral tissue. Scientists who have looked into the benefits of hyaluronic acid have found that it can help to boost tissue healing by up to half. It has also been proven to reduce inflammation and increase the blood supply to your gums and tissue. Put simply, every time the hyaluronic acid which is found in this mouthwash interacts with your gums, it helps to strengthen them. Not only that but it soothes them and promotes quicker healing.

The quicker healing that Gengigel provides means that the mouthwash is particularly suited to those who have undergone a dental procedure. With a high average rating from users, it has been credited for immediately reducing pain and discomfort, especially when ulcers are the problem. It is worth noting, however, that the amount it takes for Gengigel to have an effect will vary from user to user. Whilst some do see an immediate improvement, others will have to use it for longer. The results are also not permanent and it’s recommended you use Gengigel even after your ailments have cleared up. That way you will prevent them from returning as well as give your teeth and gums the protection they need.

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