Go natural with Aloe Dent Aloe Vera Mouthwash

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Using mouthwash after tooth brushing is becoming a natural part of people’s daily dental care routines. Dentists highly recommend mouthwash as it helps to improve and maintain oral health, resulting in fresher breath and cleaner teeth, as well as fighting bacteria which can cause gum disease.

It is important to note that there is a variety of mouthwashes available which help to achieve different results. Fluoride mouthwashes help to strengthen teeth and fight decay while other mouthwashes remove the germs in your mouth.

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic mouthwash which offers natural protection for your teeth and gums, then Aloe Dent’s Aloe Vera Mouthwash is the best option for you.

Natural ingredients

Aloe Dent’s Aloe Vera Mouthwash is made with a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients, including aloe vera, tea tree essential oil, peppermint oil and menthol. All of these active ingredients play their own part in helping to keep your mouth fresh and healthy, giving you natural protection when you need it most.

The aloe vera helps to soothe your gums while the peppermint oil and menthol enhances the natural flavour of the mouthwash. The tea tree essential oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is beneficial if you’ve recently had a mouth infection or injury.

Family friendly

The benefit of Aloe Dent’s Aloe Vera Mouthwash is that it is free from alcohol, as well as fluoride and saccharin. This makes it suitable for the whole family as it is recommended that children should not use a mouthwash which contains alcohol. The aloe vera mouthwash is also packed with a cool minty freshness which leaves a tingling minty taste in your mouth that all of the family can enjoy.


Available in a 250ml bottle and at a reasonable price, it’s easier than ever to include Aloe Dent’s Mouthwash as part of your daily oral routine.

Another effective mouthwash made with natural ingredients which we’ve reviewed is Dr Organic’s Aloe Vera Mouthwash. Or, if you’re looking for an alternative mouthwash which is a little more upmarket and results in whiter teeth, we’ve reviewed Oral-B’s 3D White Luxe Mouthwash.