Dentyl active clove plaque fighter mouthwash – review

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Dentyl are one of the most popular and well-known mouthwash brands in the country and with good reason. They always produce top quality, great value products to help keep your teeth and gums in the best shape. Mouthwash is a really important part of your dental hygiene routine so finding one that not only tastes good but helps keep plaque and nasty bacteria at bay is well worth it.

Unique formula to keep your mouth clean

This mouthwash contains Dentyl’s special formula that makes keeping your mouth clean easy. The mouthwash will help gently yet effectively remove bacteria, plaque and food debris from your oral cavity each time you use it. Regular use will see it help you avoid common dental problems such as gum disease. It’s so effective that 99.9% of oral bacteria was killed off by this mouthwash in laboratory tests.

Fresh breath for the whole day

Flavoured with the warming yet pleasant spice of clove, this mouthwash tastes great when you use it to leave your mouth feeling fresh. This feeling will last throughout the day giving you the confidence to go about your normal routine, knowing your breath is not an issue. Designed to last for up to 18 hours after use, the innovative anti-bacterial action is outstanding at keeping bad breath at bay.

As there is no alcohol in this mouthwash, it is not harsh or stinging on your gums when you use it. The powerful action instead relies on the clove and other essential oils contained that fight plaque build-up throughout the day. As such this makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive gums who may not like the normal burning sensation harsher mouthwashes can bring.

Multi-phase action

Dentyl have included cutting-edge multi-phase technology in this product. This begins when you shake the bottle before use to mix together all the fantastic ingredients inside. After shaking, the powerful action of the mouthwash will help keep your mouth clean when used in the usual way.

A great mouthwash at a great price

This clove-flavoured, plaque-fighting mouthwash from Dentyl is a very effective and enjoyable product to use. Not only that but it is not as expensive as others on the market, offering customers superb value for money. It will certainly help keep your teeth and gums in top condition and help you maintain fresh breath all day.