COZZINE Portable Dental Water Flosser Review

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Finding an affordable water flosser that actually gets the job done to a high enough standard can be difficult. However, the COZZINE Portable Dental Water Flosser is only £29.92, yet manages to get the job done to an immaculate standard! With several different functionalities and ingrained innovative technology, COZZINE have made water flossing less of a chore and more of an exciting part of your daily oral routine. If you feel as though there’s a gap in your routine that needs filling to ensure that you’re eliminating every speck of bacteria on your teeth and gums, the COZZINE Portable Dental Water Flosser is the product for you.

How It Works

Despite being highly successful at combatting those hard to reach areas, the COZZINE Portable Dental Water Flosser doesn’t function much differently to others on the market. In order to meet the individual needs of each customer, this water flosser comes with 3 operation modes – normal, soft and pulse. In the normal mode, for example, the subtle vibrations move the flosser’s bristles back and forth, allowing them to exterminate plaque without damaging your gums. As you’d expect, soft mode is perfectly suited to those with more sensitive teeth and gums, whereas pulse mode is targeted at not only removing bacteria from your teeth and gums, but also removing stains as well!

Additionally, with its 360-degree tip rotation, you can ensure that the water flosser is reaching your teeth at every possible angle, preventing tooth decay as well as stopping them from yellowing. Often, we forget about the bacteria on the back of our teeth simply because we can’t see, so the COZZINE Portable Dental Flosser ensures that it’s targeted regardless.

Additional Features

The COZZINE Portable Dental Water Flosser is incredibly compact, making it not only perfect for storage in the bathroom when not in use, but also for travel, so you don’t have to compromise on your oral hygiene. Furthermore, the water flosser is extremely simple to clean, coming with a detachable water tank for that extra ease. Plus, the tank is extremely easy to fill for even more convenience.

We understand that you don’t want to pay through the roof for a fully-functioning water flosser, which is why we had to recommend this one from COZZINE! Looking for something a little more luxurious? The Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator won’t leave you disappointed!