Sarakan organic mouthwash review

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Organic mouthwash is becoming increasingly popular in the current climate as consumers look for new ways to use mouthwash. Some prefer to use organic products as a lifestyle choice, while others may not like the burning sensation that other mouthwashes can give. Whatever the reason, if you are thinking of including an organic mouthwash in your routine, then Sarakan is a name to consider.

We take a look at some more information on this fabulous product.

Sarakan organic mouthwash – the features

The unique point about this particular mouthwash is that it is made from natural extracts of the Salvadora Persica tree. Known as the toothbrush tree, this extract is a superb and powerful organic way to help look after your teeth and gums. It is great at fighting plaque and tartar to keep your mouth in the very best shape and avoid any problems at the dentist! When rinsing with this mouthwash, plaque formation is reduced and thus not allowed to attach to teeth in the first place.

Another great feature of this product is that it tastes amazing. Flavoured with natural ingredients such as peppermint, clove and geranium, it will keep your breath fresh all day long. As it is all natural, there is no stinging or burning sensation in your mouth when using it, which is a real plus point. Fluoride free, it contains no parabens and is suitable for vegans also. In terms of looks, the colour is inviting and the design of the label makes it something that looks healthy and interesting to try.

Sarakan mouthwash – in summary

Compared to other natural mouthwashes out there, such as Jason’s Natural Organic Mouthwash (, Sarakan stacks up well. Although a little pricey (it is around £13 for a pack of 3), it really does clean your teeth and gums well to leave you with a sparkling feeling afterwards. The unique flavour and fab 300ml bottle size are additional factors to recommend it also.

If you are looking for an organic mouthwash to use in your daily oral hygiene routine, this is certainly one that would do the trick.