Firefly Lightsaber Toothbrush Review

firefly lightsaber toothbrush

For many of us, our younger selves might’ve sung at the release of a Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush and now we finally have one. With the release of the new movies comes a rush of Star Wars merchandise and FireFly’s new range of dental care products has been no exception. With different characters and sounds to choose from, we’ve decided to appease our inner child and review these unique brushes.

Who Are The Target Audience?

FireFly has designed their Lightsaber range with a very specific target audience in mind – kids. However, although this style of the toothbrush is mostly aimed at children, it can also tailor to all fans of the Star Wars franchise that are looking for their next piece of merchandise! Regardless, the bright colours, familiar characters and the lights and sounds are what make this toothbrush an attractive brush for children, offering an interactive element to make brush time fun. This toothbrush also comes in multiple designs to mimic the different Lightsabre’s of both male and female characters, making this a toothbrush that appeals to any fan.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for this particular product is completely dependent on the character that your little one chooses and where you decide to buy it from. With prices on this toothbrush ranging from £5.50 -£19.71 on Amazon depending on the character that you choose, the price tag can often come down to the seller, any deals and, of course, personal preference. However, if you were to buy this item from Ocado then it will cost you about £3.00, or £2.00 from Boots, so this is a more than reasonable price for a kids toothbrush that will be sure to have your little Jedi’s excited to brush their teeth every night.

Where Can I Buy It?

Due to this product being predominately sold online, you can purchase the product in both America and the UK. However, the price may differ from one country to another. Therefore it is important to do your research beforehand so that you can have the best price possible for the product that you are looking to buy. With e-commerce sites such as Amazon selling the whole range of toothbrushes, it is easier than ever to find the right one for your child to not only help to promote great oral health but also add an element of fun.

How Does It Work?

This truly unique design is very easy to use and power, with a battery in the back and a protective cover on top for ultimate hygiene. All you have to do is simply pop off the lid and hit the button, which then activates the timer with a light to help guide your children into brushing for the right amount of time. This is perfect for the little ones allowing them to pretend to be their favourite characters whilst having healthy teeth and gums. The cover that protects the brush completes the look by appearing as a fully completed Lightsaber when not being used for brushing, making sure that the brush head remains clean, thus expanding its lifespan.

With all this in mind, this toothbrush is the ideal stocking filler or present for your young ones this year, to help them have the healthiest teeth possible and ensure that brushing time is easy for you and fun for them.