Bruzzoni Toothbrush Review

bruzzoni toothbrush

Due to the saturation of the toothbrush market, there can be seemingly limited room for the growth of something new and inventive. However, developments in technology have paved the way for designers to become more inventive with the look and overall functionality of the common electric toothbrush. Here, we are going to look at the Bruzzoni toothbrush and whether this new and innovative design is worth the money that you pay.

Key Features

This high-end toothbrush is perfect for those that like the finer things in life. This electric toothbrush takes the traditional bulky design and turns it on its head leaving nothing but sleek design and a device that’s all about the looks.  If the looks weren’t enough, the toothbrush also charges wirelessly with only the charging base being powered by USB. This is not only perfect for those that like all things modern but it is also perfect for those that are limited on space as the sleek design allows for easy storage.

How Much Does It Cost

This toothbrush is another healthcare item that differs in price depending on where you buy it from. With retailers such as Selfridges selling this brush for £120 or more, this is something that is tailored typically towards the high-end market though is still within reach of those wanting a high-quality brush with a slightly higher price tag. Additionally, replacement brush heads are priced at £15 for a pack of two. However, while this may seem like a steep price to pay for an electric toothbrush, you are truly paying for the style and technology that goes into it.

Where To Buy It

Due to this being an American product, there are very limited places available where you can purchase it outside of the US. However, for those in the UK, it is currently available on Amazon for those seeking a quick pick, or in Selfridges for those that are wanting to take a closer look at just how good this product looks before you buy.


The sleek design that goes into this brush makes it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, described as ‘a premium interior design statement for your bathroom’ on the product website. As an addition to this style, as well as a statement in and of itself, the wireless charging pad allows you to charge it easily without the need to fiddle with wires and takes up minimal space within the bathroom making it the ideal overall design for those that are limited on space. This toothbrush is also USB powered so it’s quick and simple to charge up, even while travelling.


While there are plenty of benefits, there are of course some downsides to this product and one of the main drawbacks is the price. This is a toothbrush for those that like the finer things in life and have a reasonable amount of disposable income – after all, the brush very simple in functionality and seems to have a sole focus on the overall design and aesthetic. Another drawback to this is that the replacement brush heads also have an additional cost that can seem relatively expensive compared to most.

With all this in mind, this toothbrush is a sight to behold and its unique wireless charging function could deem very appealing to those that like technology. However, its very basic functionality is something that is to be considered as the price does not represent the overall function of the brush. Happy shopping!