Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush Review

A baby is born with their first set of ‘milk’ teeth under their gums which typically come through between the ages of six and twelve months. Over the next few years their remaining baby teeth will appear and by the time your child is 3, all 20 baby teeth would have arrived. Parents are now advised to start cleaning their child’s mouth as early as possible, even before their teeth start coming in. It is vital that your baby gets used to getting their teeth cleaned as part of their daily routine and will make the process easier to develop in their later life.

The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush is a specially designed tool created to care for baby and toddler teeth and gums. The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush enables parents to instil good oral hygiene habits from the youngest age possible. Even at a few months old, babies are susceptible to tooth decay. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay has been a particular issue for babies and toddlers in recent decades. The earlier issues such as this are addressed, the less damage is done in the long term, which means your child won’t have to suffer invasive dental treatment in the future.

The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush is battery powered and releases gentle vibrations through its tiny brush head which makes The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush ideal for even the smallest of teeth. Its 2 minute timer makes it easy for parents to keep track of how long they brush their child’s teeth for. Two minutes is the recommended time to brush children’s teeth; one minute for the top row and one for the bottom row. The gentle ‘buzzing’ sound of the Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush has also been a great way to make the teeth-cleaning process fun as some babies have been said to have enjoyed the sounds the toothbrush makes.

The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush brush head is made up of a cluster of DuPont Bristles which are associated with high quality and high performance. The synthetic filament is one that feels and performs like natural hair which ensures baby teeth are cleaned with a superior material and one which is unlikely to cause any harm or damage. This brush delivers 16,000 strokes per minute which means The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush will be highly effective in properly caring for your baby’s teeth.

Trying to get your child to brush their teeth can be a very arduous experience. The benefit of the Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush is that it helps parents enable their children to get to grips with the cleaning process. The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush’s ergonomic design is perfectly suited for small hands and is designed to create a firm grip so that parents can hold and guide the brush for their baby without any problems.

The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush comes with a light up head, which allows parents to see inside their child’s mouth and ensure every tooth surface is being cleaned thoroughly. Children are also encouraged to enjoy their oral hygiene experience more because they get distracted by the sensory element involved in having a light up brush head. The bright yellow colour of this brush adds to the appeal of the product as children have been known to respond well to colour. Yellow is ideal for both male and female sexes, which makes it an easy pick for parents.

The Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush comes with a handy replacement head which means as a parent, you won’t need to purchase another toothbrush for twice as long as a competing brand. One brush head is best suited for a baby 0-18 months and the other for 18-35 months. The replacement brush heads also mean that the toothbrush grows with your baby and they become used to it. In recent years, the Brush-BabySonic Toothbrush has been voted as one of the best electric toothbrushes on the market, making it the best choice for your little one as they grow and develop.