Best Teeth Whitening Kits

To many people, achieving that Hollywood smile of perfect pearly whites is important, and because of this there has been an increase in the number of people turning to teeth whitening kits in order to achieve the look that they want. The colour of everybody’s teeth is varied, and coincides with the skin and hair colour variation. There are very few people in the world that have naturally brilliant-white teeth, and as we age, our teeth will discolour. Our comparison table and teeth whitening kit review shows you all of the best teeth whitening kits that you can get online, in the store and prescribe from your dentist, so you can get that bright white smile quicker than ever.

1Botanical White Ultimate Home Teeth Whitening Kit£49.99£33.69
2Grinigh Porcelain 3D Shade Guide with Removeable Tabs | 20 Shades R-20 Shade Guide for Teeth Whitening Treatments£51.84£43.87
3Denshine Portable Mobile Dental LED Cool Light Teeth Bleaching Whitening Accelerator System LED Lamp Light. CE/ISO13485 Certification£249.99
4New Dental Intraoral Camera Pro Imaging System Usbx Intra Oral Tool MD740+Additional 100 PCS Hot Sale and Widely Used Intraoral Camera Sleeve Sheath Cover for 5.0 Mega Pixels 6 LED£88.00
5Denshine Portable Dental LED Cool Light Teeth Bleaching Whitening Accelerator System LED Lamp Light.£115.99
6Denshine Professional Dental Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Cavitron Self Contained Water LCD Screen Handpiece Compatible With EMS SATELEC FDA/CE/ISO13485 Certification£149.99
7Carejoy Touch Screen Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Dentist Scaler Tips£88.99
8Professional Ultra Seal Teeth Whitening Trays with Reservoirs£59.99
9New product High Quality Dental Equipment Endodontics Root Canal Meter Oral Teeth Apex Locator YS-RZ-C Sold by First Dental£79.99
10Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit & Black Edition Combo£49.99

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth bleaching is the most common professional method of teeth whitening, and while you can receive treatment in a professional clinic, there are many ways that you can have your teeth whitened. There are a range of teeth whitening products to choose from, and our comparison table has some of the very best available on the market. Your dental team will advise you whether you are suitable for the treatment, and advise whether to choose can at home teeth whitening kit, or have your treatment carried out in a specialist dental clinic. If you opt for an at home treatment, they will recommend some of the best teeth whitening kits available.

The effects of teeth whitening can depend on the diet and lifestyle of the individual beforehand, as it will only lighten a few shades with each application. Teeth bleaching can counteract stains and discolouration on the teeth. The higher the concentration of peroxide (which normally ranges between 3% and 30%), the more effective the teeth whitener gel is.

Teeth Whitening Products

There are a number of teeth whitening products that you can choose from, including various whitening toothpastes, and home kits that can be provided by registered and regulated dental professionals. While there are a number of the best teeth whitening kits available online at a far less cost, some of these can damage the enamel on the teeth rather than simply just removing the stains. This can lead to sensitive teeth, and other dental problems. Knowing which products are the safest to choose is important, and this is why all of the best teeth whitening kits that are available on the internet are included in our comparison table above.

Teeth whitening can whiten the teeth to a colour that looks whiter, but still looks natural when compared to the patients’ skin colour and tone. This is important, as while a bright white smile does look attractive, it can look out of place. Sometimes, a number of teeth bleaching techniques can be combined in order to create long-term whitening, up to three years, and home teeth whitening kits can be used in addition to professional treatment.

Home Kits Vs. Professional Whitening

There are many home kits that are available, and our comparison table will show you some of the best teeth whitening treatments. Some products will include paint-on whiteners and strips, but how effective these are will depend on the amount of whitening agent that they contain. Teeth whitening products both at home and professional treatments in a clinic will only lighten the existing colour of a tooth and will therefore not work on dentures, crowns and veneers. One of the main benefits of using home kits to get the best teeth whitening, is the cost. Home teeth whitener is usually far cheaper than professional kits, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less effective – when you find the best teeth whitening products you can’t go wrong.

However, teeth whitening at the dentist is carried out through several visits over a period of months, where the dentist makes an impression of your teeth and instruct you how to use it with a bleaching gel. Alternatively they can use laser teeth whitener where a bleaching product is painted onto the teeth and then a laser light is shone onto them in order to lift any stains.

Side Effects Of Teeth Whitening

There are a number of side effects that you can come across when it comes to teeth whitening, which is why it is important that you only use the best teeth whitening treatments available. Some people may find that their teeth become sensitive to cold during or after treatment, while others may experience discomfort in the gums, throat or gum line. However, side effects for teeth whitening products should be temporary. Our teeth whitening kit review will allow you to decide whether any of the products that we feature are right for you.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Whether you choose an at home teeth whitener or a professional clinic treatment, the effects of whitening are thought to last up to three years. However, this will vary from person to person, and the effect is less likely to last if you smoke, drink, or each products that can stain your teeth such as curries and highly coloured foods. Drinking red wine, or excessive amounts of tea and coffee can also stain the teeth and reduce any teeth whitener. Teeth bleaching can be carried out a number of times in order to make the teeth lighter with each application of the teeth whitener kit, and it can lighten the existing colour by several shades.

How To Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Kit

Knowing exactly what is in each teeth whitening kit is important when it comes to choosing the best teeth whitening review. Many of the very best home whitening kits will contain various levels of peroxide to help remove tough stains, but simply comparing peroxide levels isn’t always enough – it’s not always the case that higher levels of peroxide will yield greater results. In fact, if your teeth are only mildly stained, then you will want to talk to a dentist about the right level of peroxide and then scour our teeth whitening kit review in order to determine which product is best for you. If you use too high a peroxide, you are more likely to suffer from discomfort and other side effects.

Our teeth whitening kit review will help you to find the best teeth whitener for your teeth. Make sure to consult a dentist before applying a home teeth whitening kit.