Panasonic Toothbrush

Panasonic toothbrushes are designed with the user in mind. The award-winning household appliance and technology company make fantastic oral hygiene even easier to integrate into your daily life. We know that brushing our teeth is one of the easiest parts of our routine to let slip. This happens a lot when we travel, are in a rush or just tired! Panasonic electric toothbrushes make sure you enjoy that clean feeling all day, wherever you are. Panasonic have been sure to help you prioritise your oral hygiene, always including a travel case and small, travel-sized toothbrushes that don’t skimp on quality.

In a competitive market, Panasonic electric toothbrushes get drowned out amongst the more well-known brands. However, Panasonic is a long-standing manufacturer. They are known for their durability and usability. There’s a reason you might recognise the name for white goods and at-home appliances. This is because they are trusted by millions around the world!

We’re going to provide more information about Panasonic toothbrush technology and why they might be the best option for you! For the best deals on your Panasonic toothbrush, check out our price comparison chart. Don’t forget to read the Panasonic toothbrush Amazon reviews for even more information about the products before you buy. We understand that an electric toothbrush can be an investment, so it’s worth making sure it’s going to be perfect and deliver the most effective results, you deserve!

1Panasonic EW1031 Electric Sonic Toothbrush£36.29
2Panasonic Pocket Doltz Ew-Ds13 Vp Vivid Pink Power Toothbrush 0.99Oz£38.54
3Panasonic Doltz Pocket Power Toothbrush (EW-DS13) | (Japan Import) (Pink)£24.70
4PANASONIC EW-DL83-W803 Brosse a dents électrique 3 brossettes£224.58
5Panasonic Dentacare EW1031 Sonic Electric Toothbrush£36.29
6Panasonic electric toothbrush Doltz black EW-DP52-K£300.61
7Panasonic Pocket Doltz Ew-ds16-k Black | Power Toothbrush 30ml (Japan Import)£58.34
8Panasonic Doltz Slim Sonic Toothbrush Ac100-120V Ew-Dm41-W White£106.05
9Panasonic WEW0974W503 Toothbrush Heads Compatible with EW-DM81 Series Electric Toothbrush£20.69
10Panasonic electric toothbrush Doltz pink EW-DP52-P£254.28

Panasonic Toothbrush Technology

The best Panasonic toothbrushes boast the most leading sonic technology. Panasonic Sonic electric toothbrushes are different from the standard rotating brushing. It is a combination of movements that creates a vibration to clean along the teeth and gum line.

Panasonic Sonic electric toothbrushes are the optimal way to clean your mouth. This is because they are low impact in your mouth, and softly move against the teeth. This means you can stop vigorous scrubbing and simply move the head through the quadrants of the mouth, ensuring you don’t miss anything. The Panasonic toothbrush moves at a sonic rate of 31,000 movements every single minute. This may vary, depending on the model you choose. Panasonic toothbrush Amazon breakdowns will tell you how many movements per minute you can expect from each handset.

The benefits of using a sonic electric toothbrush are endless. As new research and more studies are published, doctors and dentists continue to uncover the benefit of premium quality dental hygiene.

We all know that caring for our teeth is important. Many look after their teeth purely for the aesthetic benefits. Research shows that taking care of your gums can reduce the risk of heart disease and mental deterioration in later life. Gingivitis is the initial stages of gum disease. The Panasonic electric toothbrush range is clinically proven to fight against gum disease, with an effective, all-round clean.

What Is Panasonic Ionic Toothbrush Technology?

Panasonic are also known for using ionic technology. Panasonic ionic toothbrushes require you to wet your hand when you grip the brush and pass the charge on to your teeth. This helps to build up a resistance to plaque, which has a positive electrical charge. The surface of your teeth has a natural negative charge which is why plaque is drawn to them. A Panasonic ionic toothbrush transfers a positive charge onto the teeth, which stops plaque from sticking. Over time and with regular use of a Panasonic Ionic toothbrush, you can build up a plaque resistance.

In turn, the Panasonic ionic toothbrush technology can neutralize the acids found in the mouth. Harmful acids develop in the bad bacteria that forms in the mouth. Often these are in the pockets between the teeth and the along the gum line. Ionic charges help to remove positively charged stains on the teeth, including those caused by consumption. This means if you have stains on your teeth caused by caffeine drinks and tobacco, you could help remove these over time, too!

The movement of the brush is linear. This provides a smooth brushstroke to reduce the risk of pain or inflammation caused by over-scrubbing. For anyone that has sensitive teeth or gums that are prone to bleeding, this kind of brush stroke is often recommended.

This brush action makes Panasonic kids toothbrushes extremely popular, too. The gentle action and effective clean is great for new teeth.

Three In One Panasonic Toothbrush Heads

We have already told you how well the motor inside Panasonic toothbrushes work. In fact, a sonic toothbrush has more than six times more movements per minute than a standard electric toothbrush. One of the other great things about choosing Panasonic electric toothbrushes is that select models come with three different heads. Each brush head is for a different target area within the mouth. These provide a comprehensive clean and a day of feeling fresh!

Ionic Stain Care – This brush is perfect for the everyday clean. Panasonic electric toothbrushes come with this brush, as standard. This triple edged designed to target individual parts of the mouth. These are designed to target the spaces between the teeth, the stains on the surface of the teeth and the between the gums and teeth.

Ionic stain care brushes help to prevent the daily build up of plaque, but also shows fantastic results for those looking to whiten their teeth.

Ionic Two Way Silicone Brush – This interchangeable brush head fits onto all standard Panasonic electric toothbrush models. This brush is designed to rhythmically massage the gums and inside of the cheek. This cleans more effectively and help prevent harmful bacteria from developing in the unreachable pockets between teeth and gums. These are called periodontal pockets. The ionic two-way silicone brush can softly help to close these.

The silicone head is also effective for helping to clean the tongue. Failing to clean the tongue contributes to bad breath. The silicone brush is just one of the ways in which Panasonic toothbrushes help you to feel fresher and more confident for longer. Check out Panasonic toothbrush Amazon reviews for more information.

Point Brush – This brush provides and effective alternative to flossing. You can reach between the teeth in a soft and non-impactful way. Otherwise, if you find flossing uncomfortable, you might consider using a water flosser for better results.

How To Choose The Best Panasonic Toothbrush For You

Panasonic electric toothbrushes are utterly unique. Unlike other models available on the market, they do contain the ionic technology. Yet they do have so many other benefits built in already, too. This includes:

  • A brush timer. Panasonic toothbrushes time you from the time you start to clean your teeth. They can automatically tell when you have been brushing for 30 seconds. The vibrations will change every 30 seconds to tell you to move to the next quadrant. This helps to ensure that all users will be cleaning their teeth diligently. It is a well-documented fact that you brush the opposite side of your dominant hand much more. This means an unequal clean and can encourage build up in one area of the mouth. The brush timer on board Panasonic toothbrushes helps to prevent this.
  • Soft start function. To avoid abrasive or messy starts, the most advanced Panasonic toothbrushes have a soft start function. This means that when you turn the brush on inside your mouth, it takes 2 seconds before reaching optimal amplitude. This makes cleaning more comfortable, too.
  • Customisable brushing. When using a model from the Panasonic toothbrush range, you can choose the mode that suits your requirements. Choose from white mode, soft mode, sensitive mode and gum care mode. These options help to ensure you are satisfied with the product. It also means that a Panasonic electric toothbrush is suitable for the whole family, if you buy interchangeable heads. Swap-in heads are available for Panasonic toothbrush Amazon.
  • Quality, rechargeable battery life. Not only do Panasonic toothbrushes come with long-lasting, durable batteries that promise results for a long time, they also come with a toothbrush dock and travel carry case. You can buy separate accessories, such as a USB charger for your Panasonic toothbrush to use on the go, too.