Colgate Toothbrush

Colgate electric toothbrushes are a staple within the market. One of the reasons they are so popular is because they are available for a low cost. Many people worry about the cost when they are looking to upgrade to an electric toothbrush, but with the options available from the Colgate toothbrush range, there’s something for everyone.

We talk a lot on our website about the importance of oral healthcare. Taking care of your teeth, gums and mouth could help with the health of your brain in the future. Similarly, maintaining good oral hygiene can help with existing conditions such as diabetes and gout. This is why the latest Colgate electric toothbrush is often recommended by medical professionals. They provide a thorough clean and are suitable for everyone to use. Even the most sophisticated Colgate electric toothbrush won’t break the bank.

What’s more, we have taken the hard work out of searching for an upgrade for you. Compare Colgate electric toothbrushes below. You can click through to seen Colgate toothbrush Amazon reviews and breakdowns for more information, too. We always select the best Colgate electric toothbrushes to compare, so you can be confident with your choice!

1Colgate ProClinical Whitening Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush£23.99
2Colgate ProClinical 150 Battery Sonic Toothbrush£9.00
3Colgate C250 Pro Clinical Toothbrush£14.99£14.75
4Colgate ProClinical Pocket-Pro Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, White£41.99
5Colgate 360 Max White One Battery Powered Toothbrush/a>£11.94
6Colgate 360° Battery-Powered Toothbrush/a>£10.11
7Colgate Kids Trolls Extra Soft Battery Toothbrush 3+ Years/a>£7.00£3.50
8Colgate ProClinical C250 Black Electric Toothbrush/a>£15.50
9Colgate 360 Optic White Sonic Power Toothbrush/a>£5.23
10Colgate Pro Clinical 250+ Rechargeable Toothbrush/a>£17.95

Why Should You Choose A Colgate Toothbrush UK?

Colgate electric toothbrushes, just like all electric toothbrushes, make brushing easier and more effective. They help to take the guess work and human error out of brushing. This is because they help to guide the user.

Firstly, the lightweight, slim design is ideal for all users, including those who have medical conditions. As mentioned, Colgate electric toothbrushes are commonly recommended for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. The lightweight, ergonomic engineering makes it easier for those who have limited movement or mobility to benefit from the best Colgate electric toothbrush clean. Colgate kids toothbrushes are also designed, specifically with the user in mind.

The brush size is also designed for comfort. Many people suffer from over-harsh brushing that leaves their mouth sore after cleaning. This kind of discomfort can lead people to skipping their evening brush, to avoid further pain. The best Colgate electric toothbrush heads are small and circular. For example, the Colgate Omron toothbrush features this design. This size is perfect for buffing each individual tooth. It also reaches between the teeth for ultimate interdental deep cleaning, but without causing any upset. Jamming flat head toothbrushes that are too big between your gums and your cheeks can cause upset. The Colgate Kids toothbrush range also feature this design, so they can be soft on developing mouths.

You can maximize and customize your results with Colgate electric toothbrushes, too. Depending on the model of Colgate toothbrush you choose, they could also come with different brushing modes. For example, the Colgate Omron toothbrush boasts so many benefits, from teeth whitening to extremely effective plaque busting. This means you only have to buy one product to tackle all your oral hygiene needs.

There’s a reason Colgate is such a household name. They are renowned for producing excellent products that protect your family’s health. They are probably best known for their toothpaste and mouthwash products that leave your breath fresher for longer. All Colgate toothbrush products are designed to work collaboratively together. For best results, you might consider buying matching products to target a specific oral problem, such as bad breath.

Colgate Omron toothbrushes are also suitable for kids! These budget brushes are a fantastic way to get kids excited about brushing, but without breaking the bank. You can trust in the brand you know and recognise and let your little one choose their own Colgate kids toothbrush. Dentists state this could help children develop a healthy relationship with their oral hygiene.

How Effective Are Colgate Battery Toothbrushes?

All Colgate battery toothbrushes are clinically tested for their effectiveness. For example, the Colgate Omron toothbrush range, featuring the Colgate classic deep clean toothbrush and the Pro Clean, could offer the following results:

  • Whiter teeth in just one week. Many upgrade to a Colgate electric toothbrush because of the amazing aesthetic results!
  • Five times more plaque removal, but soft and gentle on gums. This helps to prevent gum damage and recession. It reduces the risk of harmful bacteria from growing and developing infections in the mouth.
  • Healthier gums within four weeks. Have you been recommended a Colgate battery toothbrush because of medical concern? This clinically tested model has been proven to improve gum health.

These features can be found in all the best Colgate electric toothbrushes. Results may vary, but for the best results, you should brush for the recommended time. For 2 minutes, twice a day.

The latest Colgate toothbrushes are also sonic powered. For example, the Colgate Omron toothbrush Pro Clinical has a 250+ cleaning action. Users benefit from Colgate sonic toothbrushes 30,000 brush strokes per minute. They are also more effective at getting the hard to reach areas in the mouth because of multi-directional brushing. A Colgate sonic electric toothbrush oscillates, rotates and vibrates. This dislodges more bacteria than any manual toothbrush, more gently than ever before.

What’s The Best Colgate Toothbrush?

Colgate are constantly developing their oral hygiene technology to help customers care for their health better. This is a quick run down of all the latest Colgate toothbrushes that might be best for you:

Colgate Silicone Toothbrush. Colgate silicone toothbrushes are available as manual brushes as well as electric toothbrush heads. The silicone bristle is soft but effective. They are a more-effective gum massager, stimulating the area that may have experienced pain. They are also effective for reducing the risk of gum recession. These brush heads can be paired with other Colgate battery toothbrushes. Check Colgate toothbrush amazon breakdowns for compatibility.

Colgate Max Fresh Toothbrush. Colgate Max Fresh is one of the most popular lines of toothpaste. The formula helps to leave breath fresh with a whitening agent. Some versions of the toothpaste features mouthwash beads for a max, all in one product. If you are searching for the Colgate max fresh toothbrush, you may have found that these are only available in manual. For the best results, with all-round deep cleaning, toothpaste or mouthwash can be used with an electric toothbrush. Colgate toothbrushes are high quality, but even the company recommend a durable electric model.

Colgate Gum Clean Toothbrush. Colgate Gum Clean toothbrush is also a manual model. However, the technology that nourishes and cares for the gums has been integrated with other Colgate electric toothbrushes. For example, the latest Colgate charcoal toothbrush features deep reach cleaning but a soft brushing mode. This is designed to be gentle to the gums and minimise damage to the soft tissue here. This could be a more effective way to remove plaque without pain.

Colgate Smart Toothbrush. The Colgate smart toothbrush is one of the most sophisticated models available today. This is a Colgate sonic toothbrush, which means even more brushstrokes. These high tech Colgate toothbrushes can also be connected with your smart phone. You can track your progress and map the inside of your mouth to make sure you are reaching everywhere you need to!

Colgate Electric Toothbrush FAQs

How Do You Change The Battery In A Colgate Toothbrush?

Colgate battery toothbrushes are all high quality designs, built to last. The Colgate toothbrush Amazon reviews always state that this brand manufacture simple, user-friendly handsets. You can remove the bottom of the handset, gently sliding the direction of the arrows. Remove and discard the batteries inside the Colgate toothbrush. Replace with new ones and put the bottom back on. Enjoy better brushing, again.

Colgate electric toothbrushes are rechargeable. These can be a more cost effective way to care for your teeth, as these are also durable, high tech designs. These can be recharged via the port that comes free when you buy Colgate orthodontic toothbrushes, professional toothbrushes and those in the Omron range. These are built to be plugged into the two pronged outlet in UK bathrooms. If you would prefer to charge elsewhere in the house, you may need to purchase an adapter.

How To Use Colgate Electric Toothbrush?

Colgate electric toothbrushes are easy to use! Simply wet the head, apply Colgate or your preferred toothpaste and place at a 45 degree angle against the teeth. Allow the electric brushstrokes to clean teeth, moving gently throughout the mouth. Do not forget the tongue!

The buzzers that are built in to the best Colgate electric toothbrushes remind you when to move on to the next area of the mouth. Colgate Kids toothbrushes also have this feature, teaching good brushing from a young age.

How To Use Colgate Charcoal Toothbrush?

One of the most popular Colgate toothbrushes is the Charcoal model. This is part of the Colgate Omron toothbrush range. The bristles are polishing. They buff your stained or discoloured teeth to shine even sooner! To use, follow the instructions on the box. All Colgate toothbrush instructions for use will be extremely similar to the above.

How Long Is A Colgate Brush?

As mentioned above, all Colgate toothbrush heads are designed for optimal usage and comfort within the mouth. The length of a Colgate toothbrushes UK will differ depending on the model.

How To Travel With A Colgate Electric Toothbrush?

Colgate electric toothbrushes are light weight and suitable for travel. Colgate portable soft toothbrush is a great option for those who want the lasting clean feeling but are frequent travellers. You can separate the head and handle with all Colgate portable soft toothbrushes and clip into a convenient travel case. Many choose to use these budget toothbrushes as their on-the-go brushing options.