WaterPik Personal Whitening Battery Flosser Review

Flossing is one of the most commonly overlooked parts of people’s personal dental hygiene routine. We remember to brush our teeth twice, or more, a day but rarely take the time to floss. Dentists have said forgetting to floss can increase the risk of gum disease and increase the build-up of plaque.

The WaterPik Personal Whitening Battery Flosser is a gadget that aims to take the hassle out of flossing. It flosses your teeth for you using its specially designed tip, which is pleasantly mint-flavoured. These tips are also coated with a whitening agent, which means it works to whiten the often discoloured gaps between your teeth at the same time.

Water flossing is not the same as traditional flossing. While regular flossing uses a piece of string to scrape away any plaque in the gaps between your teeth, water flossers send a stream of water between the gaps in your teeth to remove any food particles. This can reduce the bleeding that many people encounter when trying to floss between tight gaps in their teeth. Water flossers are also especially good for people with braces, who may struggle to clean behind the wires with a normal toothbrush and would find it difficult to use string floss. People who have limited mobility in their arms, hands or wrists may also find the water flosser much easier to use than traditional floss.

Most reviews of the WaterPik Personal Whitening Battery Flosser agree that it is a powerful device considering that it is battery operated. The device is also very inexpensive, retailing for an average price of £13.99. This is less than most electric toothbrushes. Some people struggled to find refill packs for the flosser but most agreed that the flosser is durable and can last for well over a year.

While the jet-wash like sensation may take some time to get used to, it is not difficult to learn how to use the water flosser. The user must simply guide the tip between their teeth, similarly to how you would use an electric toothbrush. Some negative reviews have reported that they found the tip did not fit in the gaps between their teeth and that it was designed for people with much larger gaps. Others found it highly useful, especially for reaching problematic back teeth. So, it is likely that this is a matter of personal preference.

The most important factor in deciding whether to buy a water flosser is the results noticed by your dentist. A visit to the hygienist is never enjoyable but people who used the WaterPik Personal Whitening Flosser found that their results were noticeable, reducing the time in the dreaded dentist’s chair. Flossing regularly can significantly remove plaque and reduce bacteria in your mouth. It prevents dental hygiene problems such as gum disease, bad breath and improves the whiteness of your teeth. Not many people are aware that flossing can also contribute to their overall health because plaque can contribute to causing illnesses such as stroke and heart disease.

Overall, the WaterPik Personal Whitening Battery Flosser is an affordable and durable option for someone looking to try water flossing for the first time. Most users experience positive results which are noticed by their dentist or hygienist. The gadget offers the perfect solution for people who struggle to use regular string floss or usually forget to.

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