Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose?

Many people every now and then experience a strange sensation where their teeth feel loose. While their teeth might not wobble in their sockets or fall out, this feeling can be concerning and make people feel overly conscious about their teeth. There are many reasons why your teeth might feel loose

Periodontal Disease

One of the most common causes of the feeling of loose teeth is periodontal disease. Plaque that builds around and under the gum line can cause bone loss around the root of the tooth and pull the gum away from the tooth, making it feel loose. Without being addressed and treated, periodontal disease can result in your teeth falling out, so you should visit your dentist if you suspect that you might have it. To prevent periodontal disease, you will need to maintain a good oral health routine using dental products that are able to effectively reduce and prevent the accumulation of plaque. A good cleaning routine starts with a good quality electric toothbrush, which you can find in our best electric toothbrush options.


If you habitually grind and clench your teeth, the application of prolonged pressure can make them move slightly. If you feel like your teeth have some give in the morning, it may be the case that you spent the night unconsciously grinding your teeth and forced them to shift slightly. This feeling often dissipates after a few hours as your teeth shift back into a natural position, but over time bruxism could shift them permanently out of place and cause malocclusion. If you unconsciously clench your teeth you should refer to your doctor and ask them about possible sleep apnoea and ask your dentist about getting a nightly retainer.

Stress/ Anxiety

Have you ever had that dream where your teeth fall out? Having this dream has often been considered a strong indication that you are experiencing stress and strong feelings of anxiety, but what people don’t know is that this dream can carry into real life, as well. Stress and anxiety can have scary effects on your brain and people can become overly conscious about things they wouldn’t normally notice when they are put under severe pressure, such as their teeth. Mental health and oral health have always had a strong link, so even if you are only imagining things, you shouldn’t ignore what’s going on if your teeth feel loose. There’s no harm in visiting your dentist to be on the safe side and, in the meantime, you need to find effective ways of managing your stress to avoid the detrimental effects it can have on your health.


Although you might not be able to see it, underneath your gum line there are thousands of tiny periodontal ligaments that hold your tooth in place. These ligaments are like springs that can stretch, although if they stretch too far they can cause you to feel as though your tooth is loose, even if it isn’t. If your tooth gets hit and knocked slightly out of place or if you shift your teeth by grinding your teeth, these ligaments will stretch or break in some instances. If your teeth have experienced any trauma you might only need to wait a few hours before it begins to stop feeling loose. Otherwise, you may have damaged the ligaments and would need to visit a dentist.