SmartMouth Mouthwash Review

One small brand hit the scene some years ago with a mouthwash that was different. While other brands described bad breath as being caused by germs, SmartMouth said something different. Rather than just eliminating the germs that cause bad breath, SmartMouth went a step further and produced a mouthwash that targeted the direct source of the unpleasant smell – the Sulphur compounds that germs produce.

When the germs in your mouth ingest protein, they produce sulphur gas, which has a very unpleasant smell and causes bad breath. SmartMouth mouthwash, in order to fight bad breath, uses two solutions: one contains an odour eliminator to eliminate the present sulphur gases and the other contains zinc which is able to stop bacteria from consuming protein for up to 12 hours. These two solutions are mixed together when you pour out the mouthwash, which causes a chemical reaction and releases zinc ions, so every time you use SmartMouth mouthwash you are using a freshly activated solution, making it highly effective. You need to use the mouthwash right after pouring it in order to get the best results, and by using SmartMouth mouthwash twice a day you can keep your breath fresh all day long!

SmartMouth mouthwash comes highly recommended – by professional dentists and by other users – and is considered to be one of the best mouthwashes to use for long-lasting fresh breath. While a tad pricier than other available mouthwashes on the market, it is possibly the most effective and well worth the cost. Some users have even found that you can make it last longer and get more for your money by using half the recommended amount each time because even when using less, it is just as effective. There’s no aftertaste aside from a fresh, minty flavour and the results have been just as long-lasting as SmartMouth describe, with users that used to have severe bad breath stating that they now don’t have any problems, even after 12 hours of using the mouthwash.

One of the worst complaints that users had with SmartMouth mouthwash was not about the product itself, but about the packaging. SmartMouth mouthwash is packaged as two separate containers of liquid containing two different formulas – one to eliminate the sulphur gas and the other to prevent the production of more sulphur gas to give you long-lasting fresh breath. The instructions to use SmartMouth mouthwash say that you need to pour the mouthwash into the provided cup and when you do both formulas pour out at the same time and combine in the cup. However, many users have said that when pouring the formulas into the cup they had a tendency to be quite messy as the cup is not quite wide enough to accommodate the dual spouts. In which case, when using SmartMouth mouthwash, rather than using the cup, you can avoid a mess by using a slightly wider cup or container, at the same time ensuring that you don’t use more than the recommended amount. There is, however, an older version of this mouthwash where the two separate solutions are delivered in two separate bottles. With this type of packaging, you can ensure that you are using equal amounts of both solutions and won’t make a mess. This version of SmartMouth mouthwash can be typically found online, although you may have to hurry and buy them now because they are selling fast.

Overall, in terms of performance, this is one of the best mouthwashes that you can buy to eliminate and prevent bad breath. However, if you are looking for a mouthwash that generally improves your oral health and gives you a deeper clean, you may want to look at the best mouthwash options that we have available.