Redmond Earthpaste, Natural Non-Fluoride Toothpaste, Lemon Twist Review

When your children’s milk teeth come in and they start learning about brushing their teeth, you need to be cautious about the dental products that you use. While fluoride has excellent benefits for teeth, remineralising enamel and providing a protective layer for your teeth during the day, there are cases in which fluoride can be harmful, especially to young children. If your children have a tendency to eat their toothpaste, they may find that they develop discoloured patches on their teeth as a result of ingesting fluoride, as well as a range of other symptoms that can affect their health. The effects of ingesting too much fluoride can even affect their adult teeth when they emerge, which makes this a big concern for parents. As a consequence, some parents may choose to use dental products that are low in or free of fluoride as an additional precaution. This is how Redmond Earthpaste came on the market.

The Earthpaste brand is designed around the need for natural dental products that are free of potentially harmful ingredients. Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste is a natural, fluoride-free and glycerine-free toothpaste that is safe for children of all ages. There are no colourings or foaming agents, instead using only organic ingredients to strengthen and protect your children’s teeth at a time in their lives when oral hygiene is an important priority. Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste contains only water, Redmond clay, salt, xylitol and essential oils, all of which are ingredients that are highly effective for improving and protecting your child’s oral health. The particular flavour of Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste that we are looking at, Lemon Twist, is naturally flavoured with essential lemon oils that are pH neutral, meaning that they will not erode the enamel on your child’s teeth if used regularly.

In regards to the experience of using this particular toothpaste, both children and adults find that it has a pleasant taste and texture that makes brushing enjoyable. While lemon can be detected in the smell of the toothpaste, the flavour is very mild and not at all bitter. The flavour is subtly sweet and lasts for an impressive amount of time after brushing your teeth. Some users have even mentioned that the pleasant flavour is helping to motivate their children to brush their teeth more often, which is a great benefit for parents that are teaching their children to take charge of their own oral health. The texture as well, although slightly thicker than certain other brands of toothpaste, is pleasant and while Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste doesn’t foam up, it coats the teeth nicely and is easy to use. Best of all, it is safe for your child to eat if they accidentally swallow the toothpaste while they’re brushing.

In terms of performance, Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste has received exceptional praise for its effectiveness. Many users have mentioned that since using Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste, their oral health has noticeably improved. They notice that the amount of plaque on their teeth has reduced, their teeth appear white and sensitivity in some instances is reduced. Overall, it has been found that Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste is just as effective, if not more effective, than other mainstream toothpaste brands on the market. It is an excellent toothpaste to use with your children, guaranteed to make brushing their teeth less of a chore and will keep their teeth and gums healthy while they grow into their adult teeth.

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