Power Toothpaste Review

Most people are aware of the negative effects of caffeinated drinks. Tea and coffee in particular are capable of staining your teeth when drunk frequently enough and these are the two drinks that most people include in their morning routine. However, it’s not the caffeine that causes the problems, but rather other ingredients, such as tannins, which is why caffeinated toothpaste has the potential to be an excellent alternative. Power Toothpaste is a brand of toothpaste that came out last year that has caffeine in it, claiming that it will give you a caffeine kick in the morning to help you start your day. While the idea is inventive and has great potential, the real question is whether or not it actually works.

In terms of Power Toothpaste’s caffeine effects, most people have praised it for its effectiveness. Rather than ingesting caffeine, rubbing caffeine on your gums actually delivers much faster results. When you drink caffeine it takes around 30 minutes for it to be absorbed into your system, whereas on your gums it can take effect within a couple of minutes or even right away. Most of the reviewers of Power Toothpaste state that it successful perked them up when they used it, eliminating the need for a morning coffee for some people. However, what might disappoint some users is that it doesn’t have the strength that one might expect. Power Toothpaste won’t give you the same rush as a cup of coffee. Instead it leaves you with a ‘buzz’ to help you recover from morning grogginess. If you don’t normally drink caffeine, this toothpaste may have a strong effect on you, but those that drink caffeinated drinks daily might not get the results they were expecting. It should also be noted that the effects don’t last as long as they might should you have ingested it. Whereas a cup of coffee could last one to two hours, the effects of Power Toothpaste have been known to wear off in a matter of minutes after you have finished brushing your teeth.

In terms of taste and brushing experience, many people say that brushing with Power Toothpaste doesn’t feel particularly different from normal toothpaste, apart from a few subtle differences. The taste, to start, is slightly more bitter than normal toothpaste while also being pleasantly minty. Power Toothpaste also has a slightly grittier texture compared to most toothpaste brands you will find on the market. While not at all unpleasant, you might need to get used to the texture.  The caffeine also might make your gums tingle when you use Power Toothpaste, although this doesn’t imply that your gums are being damaged by the product. Overall, brushing with Power Toothpaste might be something you need to become accustomed to, but can be quite a pleasant experience to make your daily brushing more interesting.

In regards to ingredients, there are some that some people might disagree with. Power Toothpaste contains mostly safe ingredients that are good for your teeth, but it also contains sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a controversial ingredient. Sodium lauryl sulphate is capable of irritating allergies and irritating skin/gums. While it is a common ingredient in many toothpaste products, it is not always good for you, so make sure you keep young children away and avoid using it too often. There are no necessarily harmful ingredients in Power Toothpaste, but you should always read the label before using it and consult your dentist.

Overall, Power Toothpaste is typical toothpaste with a twist. While Power Toothpaste offers accurately cleans and polishes teeth, it doesn’t necessarily clean your teeth any better or worse than other toothpastes. It is the caffeine that appeals to people the most. The original creators of Power Toothpaste initially said in response to the criticism that the effects of the toothpaste don’t last very long, was that he hadn’t initially intended for the toothpaste to replace caffeinated drinks. Instead, he had added caffeine as a way of motivating people to brush their teeth more often and more accurately. There are many people that are too tired in the morning to give their teeth an accurate clean, which is why Power Toothpaste was intended to work quickly and wake people up while they brushed their teeth. With a quick shot of caffeine being absorbed by their gums, they will be more alert and more aware of cleaning their teeth.

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