Philips Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum Electric Toothbrush & UV Sanitiser review

Image from Flickr

This truly is a game changer in the art of tooth brushing as Philips brings oral care to the next generation with the Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum.

Missing key areas of your mouth when brushing will become a thing of the past, as will over-brushing, as the FlexCare introduces all new levels of technology to guide you.

Synched up with the free Sonicare app, this incredible product provides personalised feedback which is all geared towards providing you with a thorough clean and sparkling white smile.

So much more than an electric toothbrush

Like all electric toothbrushes, the Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum looks after the motion of brushing, meaning users only need to place it in the general area and the revolving head takes care of the rest.

However, that is to be fully expected, and the real beauty of the Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum is in the useful data provided by its wireless technology.

This data is forwarded to the mobile phone app, from where users can get a breakdown of where they have doing well, where there is room for improvement and many other insightful offerings.

We are particularly fond of the real-time coaching as you brush. Philips claim that using this toothbrush is effective in removing ten times the amount of plaque that a normal toothbrush could, while also vastly improving gum health.

What’s more, the Philips UV sanitising technology that accompanies this toothbrush helps to rid your toothbrush head of up to 99% of bacteria, ensuring it and your mouth stay clean.

The feedback means you can’t go wrong

We wouldn’t like to think we had too much plaque to remove in the first place, but our gums do feel a lot healthier. This is in no small way down to the feedback that the app provides as well as outlining areas of your mouth that need more attention.

Having healthy as well as clean-looking teeth is as much a necessity for successful social and professional lives as it is your well-being. With that in mind, this toothbrush is an incredible aid and well worth the cost.

Once you have been using it for a few days, traditional toothbrushes will seem as though they belong to a bygone era.

Combine the Philips Sonicare Bluetooth FlexCare Platinum with CB12 Mild Menthol Mouthwash to see cleaner results and improved dental health.