Marvis Manual Toothbrush Review

A strange phenomenon has come about in recent years and a new face of the dental industry has emerged, selling what are considered to be designer dental hygiene products. While you wouldn’t typically associate a toothbrush with fashion, one brand known as Marvis is trying to change this. In the past we have looked at Marivs Jasmine Mint Toothpaste, which has been marketed as a fashionably luxury product and the Marvis Manual Toothbrush, which we will be looking at in this review, was designed specifically to be used with Marvis toothpaste. However, the emphasis on the ‘style’ of the brush does beg the question whether this particular toothbrush is more style than substance.

The aesthetic of this particular brush really is something that deserves recognition. It is simple, elegant and stylish, with a black handle and bristles. It also has a ventilated protective cap to protect the toothbrush head when not in use and holder that can be stuck on the wall. However, the Marvis Manual Toothbrush isn’t anything particularly remarkable in terms of design, especially in regards to its ergonomic capabilities. The design, while highly attractive, does not enhance your brushing technique and is not particularly comfortable to hold. The uniform flatness of all of the bristles also means that the bristles may not quite form to the shape of your tooth and give you the accurate clean that they need. However, while being of much benefit, the design does not particularly hinder brushing in any way. While the shortness and flatness of the brush handle may make brushing difficult for those that have issues with their dexterity, it typically holds fine and does not get in the way. In which case, it would probably be better to consider the Marvis Manual Toothbrush as being similar in brushing capabilities as any other basically designed manual toothbrush rather than expecting it to offer an improved brushing experience. If you know how to use it properly and use it on a regular basis, then you can get just as much good out of it as any other manual toothbrush.

In regards to the opinions of users, the majority of people that bought this brush bought it because of its fashionable designed and so were very pleased with the product they received. Some even noticed that its design had a few benefits that weren’t mentioned in the product’s description. The well ventilated protective cap ensures that the toothbrush is able to dry properly when it is covered – reducing damage to the bristles and preventing them from being softened by water and saliva – and the stand allows it to drain properly. Aside from these benefits, however, there have not been many other advantages to using this tooth brush. While several users have commented on its effectiveness and stated that it left their teeth feeling clean, a Marvis Manual Toothbrush may not offer the same level of effectiveness as a good quality electric toothbrush, per say .

In regards to some of the complaints that have been shared, it seems that the quality of the Marvis Manual Toothbrush is not as good as it could be considering the cost of it. For some users, the toothbrush has fallen apart in a matter of weeks with the bristles of the brush being the most delicate component. The bristles have been said to fall out while brushing and the handle has been known to snap if you brush to hard due to it lacking flexibility.

Overall, the Marvis Manual Toothbrush is a product that is perhaps more attractive than it is useful. If you would like a stylish toothbrush then this may be suitable. But, to remove the maximum amount of plaque and keep your teeth and gums healthy, the best option would be to check out our best electric toothbrush options and find a good quality electric or sonic toothbrush.