Green People Natural Toothpaste For Children Review

Encouraging children to brush their teeth is important to establish lifelong habits to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Sometimes it can be difficult to get your children to brush their teeth, so parents will turn to novelty toothpastes with fun flavours. The problem with novelty toothpastes is that they can often be packed with sugar- which is defeating the object of brushing their teeth! Natural toothpaste can solve the issue of nasty ingredients and make tooth brushing more enjoyable.

Green People’s natural toothpaste comes in two appealing flavours- Mandarin and Aloe Vera and Spearmint and Aloe Vera. Both toothpastes are free from common ingredients such as SLS, Fluoride and triclosan. Fluoride is an ingredient most parents want to avoid exposing their children to as it can impact how their adult teeth grow and can stain milk teeth when it is left on the surface of the tooth for a prolonged period. 100% of the ingredients used in Green People’s organic toothpaste are from a natural origin which means they are safe to swallow. This is important for children and babies who are far more likely to accidentally swallow their toothpaste.

The organic children’s toothpaste works in the same way as regular toothpaste. It is used with your normal toothbrush to remove plaque and harmful bacteria from the teeth and gums. The only slight difference is that there is no need to rinse the toothpaste from your mouth after you have brushed your teeth as it will continue to work to keep your teeth clean and healthy. It is suitable for children’s milk teeth and babies gums, although of course can be used for adult teeth too if you prefer natural ingredients.

Most reviewers agree that the taste of the toothpaste is pleasant and that children who dislike mint flavoured toothpaste will definitely prefer the citrus flavour of the mandarin toothpaste. The aloe vera flavouring is not distinct, which is a bonus for many. Lots of people have noticed that their children look forward to having their teeth brushed since beginning to use Green People’s natural toothpaste.

The use of only natural ingredients, such as olive leaf extract which helps to protect the gums, is reassuring for users who prefer not to have chemicals in their toothpaste. The natural ingredients make it a great option for all the family, not just children. For people who allergic to ingredients such as SLS, or find their gums irritated without knowing the cause, the toothpaste has resulted in significant reduction of their symptoms. This means the toothpaste could be a game-changer for people with allergies.

Some might question the effectiveness of toothpaste with all natural ingredients. However, reviewers have reported the same levels of dental hygiene experienced with regular toothpaste. Some people have even said the toothpaste has improved the appearance of their children’s teeth by removing fluoride stains.

Environmentally-conscious people will be pleased to know that Green People do not test on animals and have a number of ethical certifications.

The main downside to this natural toothpaste is the price, which is £3.95 per 50ml tube. However, Green People do currently run deals which allow you to save £1 when you buy three tubes of the toothpaste. It is up to you to decide whether the benefits and reassurance of all natural ingredients outweigh the cost.

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