Dr Tung’s Smart Floss Dental Floss Review

Dr Tung’s Smart Floss

Dr Tung’s Smart Floss is not your average kind of string floss. Unlike other types of dental floss that are made from nylon and coated in synthetic wax, Dr Tung’s Smart Floss is made from a fibre that is similar to cotton and coated in an organic wax made from vegetable wax and beeswax. It is 100% biodegradable at the same time as being durable and highly effective.

Studies have already shown that Dr Tung’s Smart Floss is capable of removing up to 55% more plaque than some of the other most popular brands of floss. This is mostly due to the unique, multi-fibre design of Dr Tung’s Smart Floss, which allows to the floss to be more flexible and soft and Dr Tung’s Smart Floss can even expand to cover the gap between your teeth and cover more of the tooth’s surface while you floss. When you first take it out of its packaging, the floss starts off being quite narrow and then, making it easy to fit between your teeth. However, as you start using it, it expands and its flexibility and softness keep it gentle on teeth whilst also accurately cleaning the hard to reach places that you need to pay special attention to. Its soft material also makes Dr Tung’s Smart Floss much gentler on gums compared to other brands of dental floss as well as gentler on fingers.

In general, Dr Tung’s Smart Floss has received incredibly high praise. It has revolutionised flossing for many people and improved their oral health significantly. Another feature that people praise is the refreshing taste of Dr Tung’s Smart Floss. Rather than being flavoured with mint, Dr Tung’s Smart Floss has a natural cardamom flavouring to leave your mouth feeling fresh without being overpowered by flavour. Some users have called Dr Tung’s Smart Floss the best floss on the market and it seems that Dr Tung’s products in general have become synonymous with high quality and ingenuity.

While there ae hardly any complaints about Dr Tung’s Smart Floss, there are a couple that a few users share. The first is the price.  Depending on where you buy this floss, it can be quite expensive and due to it being made in Italy and mostly sold in the USA and Canada, most people from elsewhere around the world trying to buy this product can expect higher prices than usual. The other common complaint among users is that the floss is quite thick. Gaps between teeth can come in all different sizes and there are many people that have a lot of trouble using string floss due to them having particularly narrow interdental spaces. The floss can either become stuck between the teeth or not fit between them at all and if you force floss between your teeth that isn’t the right size, you can risk wearing down the enamel on your teeth and exposing them to a host of issues later on. If this is something that you can empathise with, then perhaps Dr Tung’s Smart Floss is not for you. If the gaps between your teeth are narrow enough that you have significant problems find string floss that’s thin enough, you might want to consider switching to an air or water flosser. Water flossers, which tend to be the preferred option between the two products, use pressurised water to blast away food that gets caught between your teeth and rinses away plaque. You can find some great water flossers in our best water flosser options if you think this is something that you might be interested in. Water flossers produce less waste and are highly effective at cleaning between teeth and around dentures and braces.

Overall, Dr Tung’s Smart Floss is a great product and a majority of people would likely greatly benefit from adding it to their daily oral hygiene routine. However, it is not perfect and because no two sets of teeth are completely alike, it’s not going to be suitable for everyone.