Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit & Black Edition Combo review

Image from Flickr

Teeth whitening kits are a great and inexpensive way to get yourself a Hollywood smile without having to resort to expensive cosmetic surgery. Fronted by The Only Way is Essex’s Jessica Wright and Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and Nathan Henry, plus seen in The Independent and Mail Online, among others, the Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit & Black Edition Combo promises a whiter look, and all from the comfort of your home.

This combo comes with two kits: a home teeth whitening kit and a black edition tooth polish. The home teeth whitening kit comes with two non-peroxide syringes, an activator spray, a mouth tray, a whitening pen and whitening toothpaste. The black edition tooth polish is a 35g tub made from 100% activated coconut shell charcoal which removes toxins and absorbs bacteria. All of the above products comply with EEC and EU guidelines and are non-peroxide, and the teeth whitening kit contains less than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide. This means you avoid any potential damage to your tooth enamel, and will not experience teeth sensitivity when using the products.

Using the at-home teeth whitening kit is simple and is designed for anyone suffering from discoloured teeth as it’s effective at removing tea, coffee and tobacco stains. To use, place the mouth tray in hot water until soft so you can mould to fit your teeth. Then, brush your teeth using a dry toothbrush with the activator spray sprayed onto it. Next, place 2ml of the formula into the mouth trays and place into your mouth for 30 minutes.

To use the black edition tooth polish, all you have to do is dip your wet toothbrush into the powder, then gently brush your teeth in a circular motion. Do this for around three minutes, then rinse well. Be careful to brush over the sink or in an area that can be easily cleaned, as it can get a little messy!

With an attractive price-point and proven results, the Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit & Black Edition Combo is a great purchase for anyone looking for the perfect smile. Take a look at our other reviews on other teeth whitening methods, such as teeth whitening strips.