What is denture adhesive and do I need it?

If you have dentures and are concerned about the way they fit, you might have had someone recommend denture adhesive to you. Denture adhesive is similar to a type of glue that you would use to fix your dentures to your gums and hold them in place. It is by no means a permanent solution and in fact usually wears off by the end of the day. However, if your dentures are feeling a bit loose and uncomfortable, a denture adhesive can give you peace of mind.

Before you choose to turn to dental adhesive, there are a few things that you should question to begin with. To start, appropriately made dentures are not supposed to be loose or move around. Properly made dentures should fit on your gums comfortably and not fall out, so you should talk to your dentist and ask them why your dentures might feel loose to begin with. By speaking to your dentist you may find that the problem can be fixed with a more permanent solution. Otherwise, if the problem is only temporary or psychological rather than literal, an adhesive is a reasonable solution.

Some people choose to use denture adhesive while they are getting used to their dentures because it gives them more confidence. When you first start using dentures it can feel quite strange and an adhesive will simply keep them in place while you adjust to having them in your mouth.

Another instance where you might need denture adhesive is when you are waiting for a new set. Over time, you dentures can wear away at your jaw bone and change the shape of your mouth, which will likely result in them feeling loose and uncomfortable. With regular visits to your dentist you can have this issue resolved as quickly as possible and a new set of dentures made that will better fit your gums. However, during the time that you are waiting to receive your new set of dentures, some denture adhesive should tide you over and prevent any nasty accidents that occur with your ill-fitting dentures.

If you are considering denture adhesive, before you buy a denture adhesive there is one ingredient that you should look out for – zinc. Zinc is an ingredient that has been found in a few of the popular brands of denture cream and while zinc does have some great benefits in small amounts, ingesting too much zinc can have some nasty results. Because the body needs to balance zinc and copper, having too much zinc means that you don’t have enough copper, which could result in nerve damage as well as bone marrow suppression. So, there have been some cases of people using denture adhesive on a daily basis to fall ill due to an overdose of zinc, however it is not a particularly common ingredient anymore. All you have to do is look carefully at the ingredients list before you buy your adhesive.

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