Clean and white: The benefits of Swiss Smile Dental Conditioner

Image from Flickr

We all know how important it is to not only brush correctly but also use floss and mouthwash morning and night to keep our teeth healthy and clean.

There are several steps you can take to make sure you and your family have the best dental hygiene at home; you can invest in a high-quality electric toothbrush, and make sure children know how to use floss safely and correctly. However, mouthwash is also an important part and comes with many health benefits.

Firstly, it keeps our breath fresh and minty, killing bacteria associated with bad breath. Using mouthwash also prevents plaque build-up, in places a toothbrush can’t always reach – in-between teeth and on your gums. Most people think mouthwash should always be used after brushing, but using it prior can actually help to loosen any particles in your mouth before you brush them away, and using it after eating can also ensure good oral hygiene throughout the day. Finally, it can help prevent nasty cavities from forming, looking after your teeth in the best way possible.

In addition to keeping our mouths healthy using mouthwash, we also strive for a white smile, and with Swiss Smile’s Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner, it’s easier than you think.

A light and fresh dental foam, not only does it remove dirt from teeth, it also forms a protective layer for those who experience problems with sensitivity. Using innovative-patented technology, including micro mother-of-pearl platelets, the conditioner works to dress and repair the teeth’s enamel, too. This helps to result in a bright white pearly radiance, for a shiny, beautiful smile.

Not only is this perfect for helping you achieve that pearly white smile, it’s also easy to introduce to your dental hygiene regime, too. Simply brush teeth as normal with an electric toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, then apply the dental foam gently with a toothbrush, or simply spray directly into your mouth. Briefly swirl around and spit out, but remember not to rinse afterwards.

The end result? A beautifully white, fresh and healthy smile!

Not sure which mouthwash is best for you? Why not compare the Swiss Smile’s Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner to our review of CB12 mild menthol mouthwash.