CB12 Mild Menthol Mouthwash is a Godsend

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Unlike other mouthwash solutions which make unrealistic claims of being long-lasting, CB12 Mild Menthol Mouthwash provides instant relief against the scourge of bad breath.

A quick rinse of this truly outstanding oral hygiene product leaves your mouth and breath feeling and smelling cool and fresh for 12 hours.

What sets CB12 mild menthol mouthwash apart in the marketplace is the science that has gone into the product following intensive research during the product development phase.

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Much more than simply a mouthwash

This is not just a mouth rinse for Saturday nights when you want to give your breath a fresh boost for a few hours. This is a guaranteed way to combat bad breath that will prove to be life-changing among those who use it.

Bad breath is an upsetting and confidence-sapping condition for those who are unlucky enough to be struck down with it, as it can cause others to keep a distance and view the person in an unfavourable light.

The impact of bad breath on self-esteem can be detrimental and lead to sufferers becoming socially reclusive for fear of alienating more people. CB12 is a Godsend for these people.

People with unpleasant smelling breath are not necessarily guilty of having poor oral hygiene. This is a very specific condition, caused by the formation of a number of substances that lead to the foul odour.

Getting to the root of the problem – and solving it

CB12 has been developed to target and successfully neutralise the formation of these substances.

Rather than just leaving a residual impact after being rinsed around the mouth, CB12 binds with the lining of the mouth, teeth and tongue to eradicate causes of bad breath and leave behind a fresh and minty sensation in its place.

This is an extremely powerful and effective formula that has been designed to give confidence to those most impacted by bad breath.

Minty breath combined with pearly white teeth will help you get back out on the social scene and rekindle that crucial self-esteem. It is a guaranteed solution to an unfortunate condition.

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