Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Parents should always be wary about the products they buy for their children and, understandably, the toothbrush that they buy for their baby needs to be reliable, safe and effective. That is why we are looking at the Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush. While there are many novelty toothbrushes on the market that are designed to entertain children – they sing songs, flash lights and colours and feature playful characters – you need to find a toothbrush that strikes that balance between being fun for your children and being an effective toothbrush that will keep your children’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

The Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush is a small sonic toothbrush that is designed to be your child’s first toothbrush. Supposedly, with interchangeable heads of different sizes, this toothbrush should last them until their milk teeth have fully emerged from their gums, or up until the age of 3. The head of the toothbrush is very small – only around 13m in length – and has very soft bristles to delicately clean toddlers’ teeth and gums. As a sonic toothbrush, rather than using an oscillating motion to clean teeth, it uses soft vibrations and pulsations, which are far gentler and won’t be abrasive on delicate baby teeth that don’t require as deep a cleaning as an adult’s teeth. Other features include an easy-grip handle, timer and a light-up brush head to help parents see where they are brushing.

Most users that have bought the Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush have rated it 5 stars. Children love it, which makes it easier to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth, and it is incredibly gentle. It’s easy to use as well, with a simple switch on the handle to turn it off and on, and it runs on AAA batteries which means that you don’t have to wait for it to charge. The Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush also does the job that it’s supposed to and many users have praised it for keeping their children’s teeth healthy in addition to the Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush being nominated for several best product awards. For children that hate to use a manual toothbrush, this product can completely change the daily oral hygiene routine for both parents and children.

There is a common complaint amongst users that the toothbrush design doesn’t take into consideration the habits of teething children. Young children whose teeth are growing in have a tendency to bit down or chew on things, which does not exclude their toothbrush. The problem is with the Brush-Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush that the toothbrush head is so delicate and small that it breaks quite easily when they bite down on it. This has led to a lot of concern amongst parents and there have been a few experiences of the toothbrush breaking while being used, putting children at risk of choking on the pieces or being cut by the splintered plastic.

Another issue that parents have with this product is the batteries. While it is useful for parents that the batteries can be easily removed and replaced, this can pose a threat to children who might also be able to remove the battery quite easily. Aside from this, a few users also complain that the batteries die quite quickly.

Overall, while this product has a lot of potential and can be of great use to parents, it does have some design flaws that can be concerning. While the toothbrush isn’t sturdy enough to withstand persistent chewing on the head, all suppliers and the Brush-Baby company directly state that this toothbrush is for use by parents on children and that children should never use this toothbrush unsupervised. With this in mind, the problems that this toothbrush has can be avoided if you do not allow your child to chew on it and keep it safely out of the reach of children when not in use.

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